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Our Story

When we first decided to open up our Snack Bar, it was from the desire to serve our customer's delicious foodies and snacks. We are a mom-and-pop store where you will see us making the goodies for you. Our customers love when we are at the store serving them. So do stop by and let us serve you with a smile some fresh and delicious snacks.  We have fresh fruit every day prepared and ready to make you smile. May God bless you. 

Our Menu 

Satisfying every taste 

Warm Snacks 

Corn In A Cup
Fresh organic corn, fresh cotija cheese, mayonnaise, chili powder, hot sauce 



Tortilla chips, nacho cheese, add jalapenos 

Conchitas Preparado

Conchitas chips, nacho cheese, cotija cheese, corn, green sauce, Valentina sauce, and jalapenos.

Hot Cheetos & Cheese

Flamin Hot Cheetos and cheese


Tostitos chips, nacho cheese, cotija cheese, corn, green sauce, Valentina Sauce, jalepenos.

Chicharron Preparado
cabbage, cotija cheese, green sauce, Valentina Sauce, sour cream, pork skin (optional).

Frito Pie

Frito chips, nacho cheese, cheddar cheese, chili.

Empanada- chicken each comes with hot sauce

Empanada-beef each comes with some hot sauce.


Shaved-Ice Creations

Senor Mangonada
Mango shaved ice, fresh mangos, chamoy, Lucas, tamarind stick


Mango shave ice, pickles, red and green chamoy, Lucas, sour belt candy

Strawberry limeade

Strawberry shaved ice, Limeshaved ice, fresh strawberries

Gummy Yummy

strawberry shaved ice, gummy bears, red chamoy, and Lucas.

Lemon Siete

Lime shaved ice, sour candy

Freskie Fresa

Strawberry shaved ice, fresh strawberries

Frozen Sour

Lime shaved ice, sour patch gummies, sour belt candy


Mango shaved ice, fresh mango, sweet milky sauce

Coco Heaven

Coconut and pineapple shaved ice, fresh strawberries, and pineapples, sweet milky sauce, roasted brown and white shavings of coconut


Pineapple shaved ice, chamoy, Lucas fresh pineapple, tamarind stick

Paleta Sandia

Lime shaved ice, watermelon shaved ice, chamoy, Lucas, spicey lollipop

Sour Pickle 

Watermelon shaved ice, red and green chamoy, Lucas, sour belt candy, pickles

Fried foodie

Fried Twinkie

Twinkie with one scoop of vanilla and caramel drizzle

Fried Oreos

Three fried Oreos with one scoop of vanilla

Funnel Cake

strawberry with whip cream and one scoop of vanilla chocolate drizzle

Churro with Ice Cream

Plain Churro

Fresh Snacks

Fruit cup

Watermelon, piña, strawberry

Pepino Enchilados

cucumbers, chamoy, Lucas, and lime

Pepinos Locos

cucumbers with Japanese peanuts, chamoy, Lucas, and limes



squit soda, chamoy, Lucas, some fruit pina, and orange slices add.

Señor Monkey

Squirt soda, chamoy, Lucas, pickles, pickle juice


Meet The Team

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